VAGRANT QUEEN Trailer on SYFY channel
CG renders were still renders to speed up render times ( except for the spaceships ) as the centre core was built for close up shots and the 3D files were all passed to us as proxy files and were impossible to edit.  We could only place and render.
There was a very specific color palette set for this area of the series.  The 3D renders were pretty far off.  With cryptommattes and embedded channels I set up a template to adjust all the embedded data and get things into the correct color palette very quickly for any shots of the spaceport.
The projection maps of the spaceport and net helped give that little bit of extra movement the Director wanted and saved a very long render doing the camera move in 3D and re rendering as the space port was desinged for CU shots and on its own took hours to render each frame.
The 3D animation on this render looked like they were on a sunday drive but in the sequence it was supposed to show how fast the ship travelled.  I changed the path of the ship and the distnace it travelled and used the whole frame in comp to give it a more hyper speed feel.
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