Tyrone Mackay | Motion Picture Director 


Film | Edit | Animate
I co-founded Heart Media with Jason Mackay and for the last 10 years we have been building a sophisticated and sleek production pipeline.  

From Stills to Film to Animation projects we have the experience and expertise to give you a great end result every time.

The sizzle reel below is a general feel of some of our work. continue scrolling down for the single films.

Single Videos

  1. Binnelanders - TV show title sequence
    One of South Africas most popular TV shows needed a new title sequence for a new season.
  2. DIFF - Durban International Film Festival
    Every year the DIFF plays some of the best films Africa has to offer. Over the years we created several Title sequences for the opening of each film.
  3. Woolworths - TVC Beauty Campaign
    Shooting macro make up is way too much fun this job never felt like work once.
  4. TIC TAC - TVC
    Short and Sweet just like a Tic-Tac
  5. Tic-Tac - TVC
    One of several Tic-Tac short TVC's we did.
  6. Tic-Tac - TVC
    The shortest and most action packed TVC I have ever done......Tic-Tacs are fun.
  7. Mr Price - TVC
    One of the many Mr Price TVC's we crafted for them.
  8. Woolworths Back To School - TVC
    Back to school can be fun especially when you shop at Wooly's
  9. Super Sport - TVC - Promo
    Working with a large team Jason and I handled some of the more complicated VFX shots.
  1. LoveCricket - Promo
    LoveCricket needed a video to promo some of the deals that LoveCricket offers. It needed to be funny and different to what fans usually get from their sporting hero's.
  2. Vitality Talks - Discovery
    Some of the key players of Vitality and Discovery talk about the industry. Part of a longer film and a book. We shot the Portrait of Adrian Gore for the Book as weel as his segment. The Edit, grade, sound and animation all done at Heart Media.
  3. Parlotones - Music Video
    Directed by Claudio Pavan of LUNG animation We shot and edited the footage together so that the Lung team could place their 3D character in all the scenes.
  4. Parlotones - Luckybrand
    Edgars asked us to create a short film with the Parlotones that showed their new brand LuckyBrand being worn and looking good on the band.
  5. Edgars
    A fun family beach spot to show off Edgars Summer trends
  6. Asiphephe - Stay in the game.
    A TVC we created to play during soccer games to help curb the number of road accidents with pedestrians after games.
  7. NIKE - Innovation Cleats
    Full 3D spot for a JUMBOTRON at a JUMBOGAME. No one in front of the JUMBOTRON missed a single detail about the new boots.
  8. Mcdonald's - TVC
    When you buy a mac meal and you get a free glass that is as cool as this one you expect it to have its own TV ad that shows them having some fun....
  9. Fashion FIlm - Online Magazine
    Great model, great styling cool ass location makes for effortlessly cool fashion film.

Photography by Tyrone Mackay

Beer Print campaign

Our good friends at the Hardy Boys came to us with a problem...they had sold the concept but did not have budget to fly to Mauritius and shoot the campaign.  So they asked if it was possible to fake it....
We said " Of course"

We shot in Cape Town
Downloade about 10 000 stock pics and created the rest 3D.  The bottle did not exist yet so all the labels had to be realistically rendered to match the bottle photography.
Thank you for your time I hope you liked what you saw.  Please don't hesitate to call or write if you would like to work on something together.
Film Director
Tyrone Mackay